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I am using Teleriks controls in my application. While everything is great and almost perfect to use according to my needs, I still feel like something needs to be added to some controls.

For example, RadCollectionNavigator is a great tool, I am using it with almost every RadGridView in my application. While it is great and the commands can be easily overriden, I sometimes have a need to add additional buttons or other kind of content to it. For example, I wanted to add refresh button along default Add, Edit and Delete buttons on the control, but it can not be done right now without coping and editing templates of the control, which can be real pain...

So it would be great if I had a way to add additional content to the control through some dependency property or any other way, just like RadRibbonView and RadTabControl.

Thank you in advance.

With kind regards,

Ramaz Bluashvili,

Syllogia LTD.