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Created on: 17 Aug 2021 03:41
Category: UI for WPF
Type: Feature Request
Added support for Chinese


China has the largest population and we have a lot of Chinese customers. Increasing support for Chinese localization, IME and bug fixes should be a high priority.

Unfortunately, there are still no support plans for many features. In the Chinese environment, there are still many bugs.

Hope can be taken seriously!

There is too much unplanned feedback, not just in Chinese, but also in Japanese and Korean. These should be viewed as a single issue and considered a serious one.

That's more than enough votes. The following should be combined。


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Martin Ivanov
Posted on: 23 Aug 2021 22:23

Hello Mingchang,

Thank you for the feedback.

We are working to cover as many cultures and specific keyboards as possible in .NET, however, in some cases additional improvements are needed as with the feedback items listed in your reply. However, we usually improve the components separately and on demand as they require to be tested thoroughly. Also, the separate items allow to put more focus on a specific feature, thus making it better. 

What I would recommend you is to follow the listed items and if you have any additional feedback to include it there (in the existing items) or to post a new feedback item. Additionally, I've forwarded your feedback for the items to re-evaluate their current state.

Martin Ivanov
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