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Created on: 20 Jan 2020 21:08
Category: ScheduleView
Type: Feature Request
Feature Request - ScheduleView - Agenda View - Horizontal grouped Resources

I need an overview of the appointments in the range of multiple days of several resources (let's say, employees).

For this, the agenda view would be perfect if it shows the days as rows but the grouped resources as columns.

In the current version it as possible to group by resources in the agenda view, but the single resources can be displayed only as rows along with the days. This way an overview is not possible. At now, I have to put several ScheduleView controls side by side, each displaying a single resource, to achieve the desired view.

Therefore I want to engage a feature request:

Please, in the agenda view, allow a grouping of resources with arranging them in a horizontal way, while the days stay arranged in a vertical manner.

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Ivan Petrov
Posted on: 22 Jan 2020 16:18

Hello Fred,

I have converted your ticket into a feature request and posted it on our public feedback portal. You can track its progress and subscribe for status change alerts at this link.

Ivan Petrov
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