Last Updated: 22 May 2023 12:19 by Patrick
Created on: 22 May 2023 08:42
Category: VirtualKeyboard
Type: Feature Request
VirtualKeyboard: Add API to disable hook to external keyboard special keys
Hook to external keyboard special keys degrades performance the control so it might be useful to provide an API to disable this functionality.
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Posted on: 22 May 2023 12:19
This is useful for debugging scenarios where you have the program paused and are attempting to use an external keyboard. The virtual keyboard adds a low level keyboard hook to account for special keys being toggled. The issue is that when the program is paused, Windows waits, until a short timeout, for hooks to finish executing. Since the program is paused, the virtual keyboard hook never executes, thus every keystroke has a few hundred millisecond or so delay before it actually takes affect. This pretty much makes doing anything on the keyboard while the program is paused impossible.