Last Updated: 27 Sep 2019 12:36 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2019.3.930
Created on: 25 Sep 2019 10:23
Category: Window
Type: Bug Report
Window: Gets clipped when maximized on secondary monitor, then minimized and restored again (Windows taskbar must be on the left/right)

Initial BUG was fixed in recent update.

One issue still exists:

When minimizing a window that is maximized in the way the intial issue described the problem, and you reactivate it by clicking on its "TaskBarIcon", the window gets clipped incorrectly again.

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Dimitar Dinev
Posted on: 26 Sep 2019 12:39

Hello Christian,

Thank you for the feedback. We're currently working on a fix.

As a gratitude for bringing this to our attention I've awarded you with some Telerik points.

Dimitar Dinev
Progress Telerik

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