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Created on: 09 Jan 2019 10:20
Category: RichTextBox
Type: Bug Report
RichTextBox: When image is copy-pasted from Outlook, it is pasted as IncludePictureField and after updating the fields it disappears

When the user copy-pastes an image from Outlook, it is pasted as an IncludePictureField and visualized as expected. The field code looks like


However, when the fields in the document are updated, the image is no longer shown because of its invalid Uri. In MS Word, when you paste the image, it is directly inserted as image and the field is skipped.

Workaround - remove the field start/ends (in the attachments)

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Posted on: 15 Jan 2019 13:42
Hello Nitin,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. 

The item has been recently logged and the task is not scheduled for fixing, thus I cannot say a timeframe when a fix might be available. Please, continue following the item so we can notify you of any status changes on it.

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Posted on: 09 Jan 2019 10:56

Please resolve this issue, because most of our client use to copy-paste from outlook.