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Created on: 15 Jan 2018 22:15
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GridView: scrolling performance degrades when using alternating row styles
The performance of the RadGridView scrolling diminishes significantly when the grid has thousands of rows and alternating row styles are used.  This causes scrolling to be virtually unusable.  I note this is a known limitation of the RadGridView from information from 

We have had to remove the alternating row styles from our current product while porting to the RadGridView.  I am requesting if this issue is going to be fixed in the future anytime soon.
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Vladimir Stoyanov
Posted on: 26 Feb 2018 15:36
Hello,  Dean 

Let me try to clarify the potential problems that could arise from using an AlternateRowStyle. If you are using a style that is not modifying the GridViewRow template, you should not encounter any performance issues. However if you are changing the template with which the row is created then some performance hit would be expected. I am attaching a sample project which demonstrates two RadGridViews: one of them with a simple AlterateRowStyle and the other one with a style based on the GridViewRowCoreStyle which has a different lightweight template. You can observe that the performance is only affected when using a style that modifies the template with which the row is created.

That said, we will update the RadGridView performance article in order to better outline this. Thank you for your valuable feedback on the matter. Should you need further assistance, may I ask you to open a new support ticket: