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Created on: 02 Sep 2016 09:44
Category: PropertyGrid
Type: Bug Report
PropertyGrid: DisplayAttribute is not respected if RadPropertyGrid.Item is bound to a collection of items which implement ICustomTypeDescriptor
my question is about RadPropertyGrid.
The case if following. I use objects implementing ICustomTypeDescriptor, call it ClassTypeDescriptor, as items source for property grid and properties are derived from PropertyDescriptor class. It is important to have these objects grouped and sorted. That's why I pass System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.DisplayAttribute with GroupName and Order values set to the constructor of PropertyDescriptor. If I bind Item property of property grid direct to ClassTypeDescriptor, everything works like a charm, properties get grouped and sorted. But if I bind Item property to the List or any other collection of ClassTypeDescriptor, independently from the count of elements in it, grouping is getting lost and sorting is not applied also. I attach the demo solution to this report and hope for the quick answer.

P.S.: I've tried the same case but with "normal" object with properties. And grouping and sorting work even if I bind a collection to Item property of PropertyGrid

Thank you in advance
Alexander Sherekin
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