Last Updated: 02 Apr 2021 15:37 by Walter
Created on: 10 Jul 2015 07:12
Category: Docking
Type: Feature Request
Docking: Provide option to Pin/Unpin the whole PaneGroup (all the Panes inside) by clicking the pin button of single Pane in the group.

Posted on: 02 Apr 2021 15:37
I can't believe this hasn't been implemented yet....
Posted on: 22 Jul 2015 15:21
If this idea gets applied please also make sure that the order of the RadPane(s) is retained when pinned or unpinned. For example, if a RadPaneGroup has three pinned RadPanes (B, A, C)...when this whole group becomes unpinned the order of the RadPanes when unpinned from top to bottom should be B, A, C. Also when mousing-over a RadPane, lets say pane A, pane A opens (unpinned), and then when the user click the pin button to pin pane A then pane A should be the active pane in the group. Again just like the Visual Studio docking environment. 
Posted on: 15 Jul 2015 21:05
This is the default behavior of the docking environment in an application like Visual Studio. I think that the Telerik RadDocking control should have this behavior as its default or have the ability to enable this behavior.