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Created on: 04 Sep 2014 08:22
Category: AutoCompleteBox
Type: Feature Request
AutoCompleteBox: Changing the SearchText when the focus is inside the control should set the caret position to the end of the new text
The default behavior when the focus is inside an input control and it's Text is changed is that it's caret is placed in the beginning of the next text. This could be observed in the WPF TextBox control.

In certain scenarios modifying the SearchText while the focus is inside the control is a desired behavior. In those scenarios the caret position is expected to be set to the end of the new text which is set to the SearchText property.
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Posted on: 11 Sep 2014 07:48
Attached to my comment you can find a workaround project for handling the input which is entered into the TextBox of the RadAutoCompleteBox. This sample project illustrates a scenario where any 'incorrect' input is not allowed. This approach was brought to our attention by one of our users which is why we send him special thanks.
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