Won't Fix
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Ivan Ivanov
Created on: 27 May 2014 14:17
Category: GridView
Type: Feature Request
Retrieving persisted column settings in some custom scanarios results in disordered columns.

Posted on: 03 Jul 2015 12:48
The XAML team has recently reviewed this issue and will not be addressing it as at this time the team is focusing on the bugs impacting the highest number of developers. If you have encountered this issue and it is blocking for your work please contact us through the support ticketing system with details on your setup and a reference to this item.
Posted on: 25 Jul 2014 13:53
Hi Tommy,

I forwarded the case to the development team and they are aware of the issue. They already investigated the case in more details, however, it seems to be a very difficult task to resolve and it definitely requires more time.
I already replied to the support thread on the same topic.
Posted on: 23 Jul 2014 09:39

Still one month on from last reply and we have no indication even to time frame for this extremely critical issue.

Can you confirm with extreme urgency the ETA for planning and resolution? If unable can you confirm escalation point please? Or should we escalate directly to account manager?

Posted on: 25 Jun 2014 15:13
Hi Veera,

The issue is with high priority, however, I cannot commit to a specific time-frame when it will be planned. 
The Feedback item will be updated once there is a change in its status. You can subscribe to follow it.
Posted on: 24 Jun 2014 13:03
This issue is pending for a long time and as we are using Telerik grids in many of our programs it needs to be resolved. Also, we are concerned about the delay of our deliverables to the client because of this issue.. Could you please let me know the status of this issue?

Veera M