Last Updated: 23 Feb 2016 17:03 by ADMIN
Created on: 18 Jul 2013 08:13
Category: GridView
Type: Bug Report
Grouping.Key is incorrect when an AggregateFunction calculation is invoked after editing an item under a group
1. Define a custom AggregateFunction for a column
2. Group on a column
3. A calculation on the AggregateFunction is invoked
3. The Grouping.Key (of the input parameter) corresponds to the correct key
4. Edit a value on the column (having the AggregateFunction)
5. A calculation is invoked, but the Grouping.Key is "1" and not the correct key.
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Ivan Ivanov
Posted on: 23 Feb 2016 17:03
To avoid recreating the groups after property/collection change, RadGridView mimics grouping while recalculating the aggregate values. This is achieved by defining QueryableAggregatesGroupDescriptors for the separate aggregate functions. They are applied to every sequence of items that belong to a single group, serving the only purpose to apply the aggregate expression to the items in the group. Aiming to ensure that this "fake grouping" will not create unneeded subgroups, these descriptors' implementation uses constant key value (1), so that the observed behavior is the expected one. Please open a support ticket if it impedes you from achieving a specific goal.