Last Updated: 31 Oct 2018 07:53 by Troy
Created on: 10 Feb 2012 05:11
Category: RichTextBox
Type: Feature Request
RichTextBox: When a paragraph is in a list, use the left indent for the first line and the first line indent for the bullet/number
In Word, for paragraphs in a list: 

1. The bullet/number uses the value of the first line indent 

2.1 The text on the first line is aligned according to the left indent when the left indent is smaller than the first line indent (the usual case). 

2.2 If the first line indent is smaller than the left indent, the first line aligns with the rest of the text, using the value of the left indent property. 

2.3 When there are tab stops, they are used for the position of the text. In RadRichTextBox, the text in the first line always aligns according to the FirstLine indent. 

Also, tab stops can be used to position the text after the bullet/number.
Posted on: 03 Aug 2016 20:29
Others are waiting for movement on this feature as well.  4+ years now and still no ETA.  Will check back in again in another couple of years.
Posted on: 04 Aug 2014 16:47
Hi David,
Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.
Although this seems like a small enough feature, it requires significant changes in the logic that currently handles lists in RadRichTextBox. As you noted yourself, it has been brought up a while ago, but due to the relatively low interest as opposed to the interest for other issues and features, we haven't been able to designate the resources to implement the change. 
Posted on: 03 Aug 2014 21:18
It seems silly to me that the RadRichTextBox/RadDocument is so complete, yet missing these features.  Especially when this was brought up 2 and 1/2 years ago.