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Created on: 12 Feb 2024 12:55
Category: UI for WPF
Type: Feature Request
NumericUpDown: Limit Minimum and Maximum Value for typed values

It is possible for a user to type a value into a RadNumericUpDown control that is greater than the maximum (or smaller than the minimum).

If the control loses focus the value reverts to the maximum value, but in my use case the user will be clicking the OK button on a Window, and this happens while the NumericUpDown still displays the out of range value that was typed. In other words the user doesn't realise that their value was silently rejected behind the scenes.

To solve this I had to raise a support request with you guys, which meant waiting until the next day for a resolution. This cost me time and it also added to your workload.

Whereas if the control had the option to limit the user input to the bounds of minimum and maximum it would have saved me about half a days work to raise a support request and write my own solution to the problem.

I see this has been raised a couple of times in the forums:




And the consensus seems to be that it is "By Design".

Please can you re-consider changing this as it is these small niggles that often cost us the most time when developing with 3rd party controls.


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Vladimir Stoyanov
Posted on: 16 Feb 2024 08:46

Hello Richard,

Thank you for the detailed description. 

This seems like a valid scenario, which will be beneficial for the component and I am changing the status of the item to Unplanned.

I have also updated your telerik points as a small gesture of gratitude for your suggestion. Feel free to follow the item in order to get notified for any updates.

Vladimir Stoyanov
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