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Last Updated: 24 Oct 2023 10:10 by Petar
Created on: 17 Oct 2023 06:46
Category: DateTimePicker
Type: Bug Report
DateTimePicker: Associated AutomationProperties.Name is read twice by JAWS.
Associated AutomationProperties.Name is read twice by JAWS.
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Posted on: 24 Oct 2023 10:10
I am posting the reasoning behind the closure of this item:
-- Narrator reads it once
-- MS DatePicker works the same way - peers and bindings of these properties are the same in the control templates
-- comparison with WatermarkTextBox is not valid, since the WMTB inherits directly from TextBox and has practically no child controls in its control template, so no child peers 
-- might be an issue or feature of the JAWS reading (Narrator focuses directly on the edit part of the control, but I guess Jaws reads the outer control then reads the control in depth)
-- Also bindings in template
are especially created to solve issues reported from Accessibility Insights so we cannot remove them, MS DatePicker has the same bindings in its inner textbox.