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Created on: 22 Sep 2023 12:37
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Type: Bug Report
Z-index have wrong values when RadDiagramContainerShape are used.


I would like to report that Z-index have unexpected values when RadDiagramContainerShape are used.

Please watch video first, my remarks points to the video attached to the ticket.

1. Currently there is a possibility that Container A can be hidden by Container B and this is fine.(~11sec of movie)

2. However then i will add Container C to Container A and then drag Container B to overlaps Container A it overlaps only Container A and does not overlaps Container C which for end-user could be very confusing, why Container C is visible at that time.(~20-30 sec of movie)

The problem gets more complicated when i drop Container B to overlaps Container A but without adding Container B as a child of Container A.

In that way it looks that children of Container A are children of Container B

3. When i will add new container "Header" to Container B and then overlaps Container A and Container C then its even more mixed up(~ 30-50 sec of movie)

4. When i will add new container "Header" to Container A and Z-index are somehow refreshed and then in magic way Container_C now overlaps "Header" container from Container B(~58sec of movie)

I would expect:

Fix calculation of Z-index in that way if Container B overlaps Container A it means it overlaps as well it's children. Currently you have flat hierarchy of VMI containers which leads to such Z-index issues. 


Expose possibility to override your internal methods which calculates the Z-index.

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Posted on: 29 Sep 2023 10:37

Hello Bartosz,

Thank you for the provided information and video. They were helpful.

We will consider this behavior a bug and as a token of gratitude for bringing this to our attention, I have updated your Telerik points.

What I could suggest would be to vote for the item and to follow it, in order to get notified via e-mail when its status gets changed.

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