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Control Request: Timeline control similar to what is used in audio and video editing programs

I have created this timeline control out of a combination of different controls.  But I get asked for this same kind of setup from different companies for different reason. I have created this control using your TreeListView to show the headers in the hierarcy while for Layer Num items, there is a list to the right which holds a list of MediaItem objects.  It works but not very efficient and is missing much key functionality. And I thought because you already have controls that are similar, it wouldn't be a huge reach for you to make on like this.

So there could be two modes for this.  The editing mode where the user is dragging/dropping media items on each layer item, rearranging, setting the length of media, etc.  They could then hit PLAY like a Movie Maker and see a preview on a different control of what is being played.  Once this is saved, it could be used in another way.

So in the readonly mode, all the items would be feed in as a hierarchtial collection.  It would decribe how many levels there are and the names and order of the items.  And then it would also have all the MediaItems related to each Layer Num.  And then it would constantly be fed what the current time is related to this batch of items playing.  The user doesn't hit PLAY in this mode but rather just sees a read only version of what is being played and watch the line goes across.

I think this would be a very welcomed control to your lineup.   Because anyone who wants to make a media editing program, audio editing program, and even showing a schedule for items that happens every 30 seconds in different locations while getting a constant status of the current time would find this  invaluable.


Posted on: 17 Feb 2023 18:55
More examples
Posted on: 17 Feb 2023 18:50


Thank you for your followup email.  To answer your question, to my knowledge there is no other vendor that makes a control that does this, which I feel is a huge void.  Look up any movie editing program like Adore Premier, Adobe AfterEffects, etc.  Look up any music recording software like ProTools, Logic, Garage Band, Mixcraft, etc.   They all need this same timeline control that allows them to see what is playing on different tracks and layers, put them in a time sensitive area, and lets them view what is happening at that time.  I think when someone does make this control, it will be a big seller because, right now, there isn’t one that exists.  This would be very big in the signage industry where all this LED boards are playing media at different times.    So I think it is something you all should consider because I would think it is low hanging fruit since you already have similar controls.  Your timeline control and the timeline view on the Scheduler are similar.  Anyways, I just wanted to bring that up as I see a market for it.  If not, that might be something I will develop on my own.  But thank you!



Comparison of four DAW/sequencer interfaces. | Download Scientific Diagram

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Posted on: 17 Feb 2023 16:19

Hello Christian,

I have gone through the provided information and this proposal seems more like an application requirement, rather than functionality for a standalone control. However, may I ask if there is any desktop or web controls vendor that provides this whole functionality as UI control, rather than ready-to-use application software? If there is such a vendor that provides this requirement as control, we could consider implementing this kind of functionality wrapped in a UI control.

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