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Created on: 16 Dec 2022 11:30
Category: MaskedInput
Type: Bug Report
RadMaskedNumericInput is cleared when pressing enter quickly after input

This can be reproduced in the Telerik UI for WPF demo application, demo "MASKED INPUT | Numeric Input" -> More Masked Input Examples.

Problem description:

When (very!) quickly following a numeric key press with a press on the enter key, the input field clears itself, causing a discrepancy between the bound ViewModel property (that is correctly updated to the entered value) and the displayed control (which is now empty). For the end result, see the attached Screenshot.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Clear the input box by pressing the "x" that appears on mouseover or select all text.
  2. Press any numeric key (numblock, non-numblock does not seem to matter)
  3. quickly after, press enter (again, numblock, non-numblock does not matter).
  4. The text below the control should update but the NumericInput control should now be completely empty. This only happens if the time between the two key presses is short enough.

The Tab key does not seem to cause this behavior although it causes the binding to update just like the enter button.

What i would expect:

No matter how quickly you press the enter button after entering a value, the control should display the exact value I entered and should never just clear itself.

With best regards
Simon Müller


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Petar Mladenov
Posted on: 22 Dec 2022 09:57

Hello Simon,

Thank you for this report.
Actually it is not the speed but the previous key not being released (key up) before enter key is pressed. 
In Numeric/Currency input you can set AcceptsReturn to false to avoid this beahvior. I guess you don't need multiline input in these controls so I think it could be a possible workaround for you.

Petar Mladenov
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