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Release R3 2022 SP1
Created on: 23 Nov 2022 07:11
Category: RichTextBox
Type: Bug Report
RichTextBox: Bookrmarks are missing on import

In MS Word,create a new docx file,  insert a table, select the whole table, insert a bookmark.

Open the docx file with RadRichTextBox, the bookmark is missing.

This is because the bookmarkStart is in the first tc, while the bookmarkEnd is after the last tr, TableImporter failed to import the bookmarkEnd.


Here is my fix.

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Posted on: 24 Nov 2022 12:52

Hi Li,

I was able to replicate the described issue in both scenarios. In appreciation for providing detailed information and for taking the time to come up with a potential solution, I have updated your Telerik points.

You can check the progress on the task inside this thread.

Progress Telerik

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Posted on: 23 Nov 2022 08:41

In the attached file, there are some bookmarkStart elements, and their parent element is of tr. These bookmarks are also missing on import. So the method TableImporter.ImportTableRow also need a fix.


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