Last Updated: 29 Sep 2021 14:08 by ADMIN
Release LIB 2021.2.104 (4 Oct 2021)
Martin Ivanov
Created on: 08 Sep 2021 11:29
Category: NumericUpDown
Type: Bug Report
NumericUpDown: Up and down buttons stayed pressed when touch is executed in a Popup that is positioned outside of the host Window
If you open a Popup (for example RadDateTimePicker's calendar) and touch a button in the Popup, then get back to the host window and touch on the up or down button, the touch up doesn't happen and the corresponding RepeatButton stay pressed. This recreates only on touch devices. The touch should happen in an area of the Popup which is located outside of the host window.

To work this around, create a custom RadCalendar control and override its OnApplyTemplate() method. In the method subscribe to the TouchManager.TouchDown event and handle it.
public class CustomRadCalendar : RadCalendar
	public override void OnApplyTemplate()
		var transitionPanel = GetTemplateChild("TransitionPanel") as TransitionPanel;
		if (transitionPanel != null)
			TouchManager.AddTouchDownEventHandler(transitionPanel, this.OnTransitionPanelTouchDown);

	private void OnTransitionPanelTouchDown(object sender, TouchEventArgs args)
		args.Handled = true;
To use the custom calendar, extract the ControlTemplate of RadDatePicker and replace the default RadCalendar in the template with the custom implementation.