Last Updated: 17 Jun 2022 08:11 by ADMIN
Created on: 28 May 2021 14:20
Category: RichTextBox
Type: Bug Report
RichTextBox: Replace, while track changes are enabled, causes falsely intersecting review ranges
Replacing a piece of text through find/replace dialog causes intersecting insert/delete ranges. 
Posted on: 17 Jun 2022 08:11

Hi Daniel,

This is indeed a troublesome issue. I verified it and increased its priority in our backlog. We are currently working on the Service Pack that we are about to release in a few days, however, I am afraid a fix won't be included in it.

I agree the issue is important and depending on its priority it will be addressed and included in the roadmap for one of our future releases.

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Posted on: 10 Jun 2022 20:00

I reported that bug 1 year ago and it is still not fixed. It's pretty simple to reproduce and I'm sure it's pretty simple to fix, but it is causing major headaches in our application because it doesn't give an error during the Find&Replace, but when exporting to DOCX, the file is corrupted.

To reproduce:

  • Deactivate change tracking
  • Paste any text in the richtextbox
  • Activate change tracking
  • Hit CTRL-F on your keyboard to display the "Find/Replace" dialog
  • Try to find an existing word and replace it by another

The result:

  • Instead of having the old word marked as deleted and the new word after marked as inserted, the inserted word is in the middle of the deleted word
  • If you export to MS Word (DOCX), the resulting file is corrupted

Please tell me how I can escalate this to be fixed soon.