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Created on: 29 Mar 2021 13:32
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Dragged Item snaps to wrong Position

Dear Telerik team,
We currently have a problem with the RadDragAndDropManager as we are currently in the process of converting from Silverlight to WPF.
We are also converting Telerik from version 2011.2 to the current version of Telerik WPF.
Now the following error happens:
If I drag an item and drag it over another dropable area, the DragCue element moves.
The error occurs as soon as "e.QueryResult" is set to true in the OnDropQuery function.
You just have to do that, otherwise the drop will not be evaluated.

I was able to recreate the whole thing in a new project with just a RadTreeView and a RadMap.
I just don't want to switch the RadDragAndDropManager to the DragDropManager because we have a lot of our own controls that run with the old one, but not with the new one.
I've already tried that, but the conversion effort is just too big.
Can you see why the DragCue element is acting so weird?

With best regards

Markus Kuhlemann

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Martin Ivanov
Posted on: 05 Apr 2021 10:29

Hello Markus,

Thank you for the project. I've checked the reported behavior on my side and it looks like this happens because the relative point of the drag cue is calculated based on the drag origin element. I am afraid that there is not entry point that will allow you to change the value and correct the drag cue's position. 

Note that RadDragAndDropManager is obsolete and it is going to be deleted as point. We no longer provide bug fixes or new features for it. This is why I strongly recommend you to migrate your application to use the newer DragDropManager. You can check the DragDropManager Migration article for some tips on this.

Martin Ivanov
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