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Created on: 21 Sep 2020 13:55
Category: Chat
Type: Feature Request
Is it possible to use emojis in the WPF chat control?


I wounder how you support the use of emojis in the WPF Chat component. Or is it supported?

Best regards


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Dilyan Traykov
Posted on: 22 Sep 2020 12:01

Hello Hans,

Emojis are not currently supported by the RadChat control, but I have logged this feature request in our backlog so that if it accumulates enough votes, we will consider their implementation.

For the time being, you can use ImageMessages instead as follows, if this works for you:

		private void AddImageMessage()
			var image = new ImageMessage(this.author, new BitmapImage(new Uri("/Images/emoji.png", UriKind.Relative)));
			image.Stretch = Stretch.UniformToFill;
			image.Size = new Size(32, 32);


Dilyan Traykov
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