Last Updated: 13 Oct 2020 15:27 by Petar
Created on: 19 Jun 2020 12:41
Category: RibbonView
Type: Bug Report
RibbonView: Resizing RibbonView fast, the RibbonGallery is Collapsed even if there is enough space to visualize the full gallery
When we have specified RibbonGallery, and we resize the RibbonView fast enough, the RibbonGallery is collapsed even if there is enough space to visualize.
Posted on: 13 Oct 2020 15:27
We are declining this issue because it was reported for scenario in which the size of the groups was controlled in code behind which breaks the built in arrange logic.
Such modifications should be made in the measure / arrange phase of the ribbon groups or their parent panel.
Posted on: 04 Jul 2020 23:47
Thank you for the update Dinko!  
Dinko | Tech Support Engineer
Posted on: 02 Jul 2020 10:04

Hi Ryan,

I am afraid that the issue is still not scheduled for fixing. As soon as we planned it, we will update the description. You can subscribe to the items so you can get notified of its status changed.

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Posted on: 26 Jun 2020 01:27

Is this where tickets go to die, or are there any plans to fix this issue with the RibbonGallery (or RibbonView)?