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Release R2 2022
Martin Ivanov
Created on: 16 Jan 2020 16:04
Category: UI for WPF
Type: Feature Request
NewControl: Add Virtual Keyboard control
Add a virtual keyboard control similar to WinForms.
Martin Ivanov
Posted on: 28 Jan 2020 12:16

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for the additional feedback. We will consider it when the implementation of the control starts. In the meantime, if any other ideas appear, please don't hesitate to share them.

Martin Ivanov
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Posted on: 21 Jan 2020 18:32

I usually use WPF to build any touch screen kiosk application we need. These application always need some type of touch screen entry.  I have in the past tried to used the built in touch screen keyboard(s) in Windows, but can never get them to behave well programmatically, or can get them to show/hide in an efficient manner.  Hence, I always have to built my own on-screen keyboard, or on-screen number pad, or on-screen keyboard/number pad.  So, what I really need in an on-screen keyboard/keypad/number pad:

  1. the ability to programmatically show/hide the on-screen keyboard
  2. would like to be able to configure it to show only the keys that I need, or at least the ability to show/not show the numbers row, show/not show a keypad with the keyboard, or only show/not show only a keypad (a number pad/no keyboard)
  3. ability to programmatically hook into key entry, especially the enter key
  4. it would be nice to show/hide at a location relative to the field accepting the key entry
  5. theme it or it use the current theme