Last Updated: 22 Jan 2019 14:33 by ADMIN
Created on: 13 Jan 2019 07:54
Category: MultiColumnComboBox
Type: Feature Request
Make the UI consistent

the display of the drop-down part of the multicolumncombobox is different from the RAD combo box. There is an extra line between the content of the combo box and the drop-down button in the office 2016 theme at least. This should not be there to be consistent with the other combo boxes.


Posted on: 22 Jan 2019 06:22
Ok, it's close this for the moment.
Posted on: 16 Jan 2019 09:35
Hi Stefan,

If I understand correctly, you are talking about the RadMultiColumnComboBox's border separator of the SearchAutoCompleteBox and the DropDownButton, which is used to indicate that these parts have different logical scopes and that the first one is the editor part that will contain the items and the second part opens the list from which you choose these items.

The RadComboBox control, compared to the RadMultiColumnComboBox, has two modes - non-editable and editable, which have that exact difference - the border separator. Therefore, the design for the non-editable RadComboBox is different from the one for the editable RadComboBox.

Please refer to the screenshot attached that compares the two controls - RadComboBox with its two modes and the RadMultiColumnComboBox which has only editable mode.

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