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Created on: 03 May 2017 18:28
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raddiagram export to png missing some images
I have a diagram with about 45 custom image objects contained within it. When I export the diagram to a png using RadDiagram.Export("PNG") there are 3 images that are not rendered in the image.
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Posted on: 08 May 2017 06:52
Hello Joseph,

Thank you for sharing this with our team. 

Without your implementation we cannot be sure what exactly happens. This is why I would ask you to elaborate a bit more on your case.
- Can you send us a screenshot of the diagram before the export and also the exported picture?
- Are the missing pictures in a different format than the others?
- Are the missing pictures in the viewport of the diagram?
- How exactly the diagram is exported? Is it using the built-in image export feature (

Additionally, you can prepare some runnable code demonstrating the issue and send it over via support ticket or in the WPF forums (

Martin Ivanov
Technical Support Engineer