Last Updated: 16 Feb 2018 08:56 by ADMIN
Created on: 05 Apr 2017 10:44
Category: RichTextBox
Type: Bug Report
RichTextBox: Table is not inserted with specific width when LayoutMode is Flow or FlowNoWrap
There is not defined behavior of tables without fixed column width in FlowNoWrap. They try to fill the unlimited space, so only tables with fixed width can be used in this mode. The expected behavior might be fitted column width to its content or auto fitted table width to window.

This can cause a hang of the application or unexpected behavior while working with the table (e.g. the thumbs for resizing the column width appear after the column border instead over it).

Workaround: Subscribe to CommandExecuted, get the inserted table and set a fixed width to it.

Available in R1 2018 SP2 release version.