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Created on: 25 Apr 2016 08:12
Category: Docking
Type: Feature Request
Docking: Improve RadDocking Compass with the missing functionalities supported by Visual Studio's Compass
Just like in Visual Studio, a floating pane, which I want to dock (for example to the bottom), can either take the whole width or just the width that is left.

For example:
At start, the panes in the bottom does not consume the whole window width. After undocking the panes and docking them back, the compass only shows me an option to dock the panes while consuming the whole width.

I have no option to return to the original state (like in Start.png). The only way to return to that state is undock and re-dock the right pane, and then dock and re-dock the left pane.

Visual Studio has this feature (see image).