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Created on: 17 Mar 2016 22:48
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Using Portable Class Library with Model-View-View Model
Like a lot of companies we have multiple client side interfaces of a single application and have to create similar UI in multiple platforms.
For example I had to create a chart in both WPF and ASP.NET AJAX today.
The problem I have with the Telerik controls is that there are absolutely no standardization or consistency between platforms.
Why in the name of all-things-good-in-this-world are axes in WPF and ASP.NET AJAX and ASP MVC and Windows Universal Apps not all called the same thing?
It would be very simple to use interfaces to create some consistency between platforms.
Even better would be if Model Views are shared across platforms in a portable library:
PS. I could not find a feedback portal for all platforms, so have to log this multiple times.
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Posted on: 04 Aug 2016 10:48
Hello Douw,

Thank you for your feedback. When working on different product we take under consideration multiple factoring for our API naming such as the technology specific namings, as well as the namings used in our other products. Of course, not everything can be standardized. 

Should you have issues finding a property or functionality, you can always consult with our documentation and/or contact us via support ticket.

PS. Here you can find a list with all of our portals:

Stefan Stefanov