Last Updated: 27 Jul 2015 14:14 by Philip
Created on: 18 Jul 2015 22:23
Category: RibbonView
Type: Feature Request
RadRibbonView Designer Popups
PLEASE can you remove the popups that appear in the Blend and Visual Studio designers when working on the RadRibbonView.  These popups popup all the time, they cover the code, they cover the design workspace, in VS the switch from the code window to the designer window as soon as you click on portions of the code with no warning, then you can't get back to the code screen until you click away from the RibbonView.  Its 'so' annoying - I've been editing in Notepad++ today because the RibbonView designer functionality makes Blend./VS is unusable.  Also, the popups don't provide anything that you can't do in either code or the Blend interface.  Wasted so much time today with this RibbonView.

Declined: The RadRibbonView control exposes a design time logic to make our clients that uses only the designer to populate and operate with the RadRibbonView control. If you want to disable that functionality you need to simply delete the following binaries from you design folder, which is located in the same directory as the Telerik binaries:
- Telerik.Windows.Controls.RibbonView.VisualStudio.Design
- Telerik.Windows.Controls.RibbonView.VisualStudio.Design.4.0
- Telerik.Windows.Controls.RibbonView.Expression.Design
- Telerik.Windows.Controls.RibbonView.Design.5.0
- Telerik.Windows.Controls.RibbonView.Design.4.0
Doing so you will remove the design time functionality of the RadRibbonView in all VisualStudios/Blend.