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Created on: 13 May 2015 14:23
Category: ComboBox
Type: Bug Report
ComboBox: The OnLostFocus event handler is triggered incorrectly when the control is inherited and the OnLostFocus is overridden
The OnLostFocus is triggered when the control gets the focus and is not triggered after the focus is lost. The current call stack is as follows:
- The control gets the focus 
- OnGotFocus is hit
- OnLostFocus is hit incorrectly
- The focus is removed from the control
- The OnLostFocus is not hit and it should be

As a workaround you can hook to these events in the constructor of the custom ComboBox:

    public MyRadComboBox()
        this.GotFocus += MyRadComboBox_GotFocus;
        this.LostFocus += MyRadComboBox_LostFocus;
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