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Created on: 13 Jun 2014 11:42
Category: Docking
Type: Feature Request
Docking: Make it possible to set global TabStripPlacement value for the entire control
Setting TabStripPlacement should be possible not only for RadPaneGroups but for the entire RadDocking control. That TabStripPlacement value should be used as default value for all the auto generated RadPaneGroups.
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Posted on: 09 Sep 2016 13:24
In Q1 2016 SP we have introduced the ToolWindowCreated event which is raised when auto generated RadPaneGroup is created and can be helpful in this case as it provides an easy way to set TabStripPlacement to the new created RadPaneGrups:

private void RadDocking_PaneGroupCreated(object sender, ElementCreatedEventArgs e)
            var paneGroup = e.CreatedElement as RadPaneGroup;
            paneGroup.TabStripPlacement = Dock.Top;