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Created on: 26 Apr 2010 09:50
Category: Book
Type: Feature Request
Book: Allow single page mode
Allow single page display.
Posted on: 04 Aug 2021 07:15


The WPF team has recently reviewed this feature request and will not be addressing it due to the radically decreased interest in the RadBook control. If somehow this item affects your work and you were expecting it - please drop us a line here or open support ticket and share more details regarding the exact scenario.

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Posted on: 13 May 2016 10:42
I actually thought it was already available when I saw the examples, but then I found out they were manipulated so it looked like the pictures were spread across both pages. That's too much work when you intend to use controls and not text or pictures. :).
But I am now happy the case has been approved. Any eta? Month/year?
Posted on: 21 Jan 2013 03:59
Really missing this feature... the user always have to zoom in when opened in two page mode
Dharmesh Trivedi
Posted on: 31 Jan 2012 12:48
Please provide this feature .. this will allow to have bigger view and as well as the flip page piece built in .. thank you
Posted on: 12 Jul 2011 10:18
Also needs aspect ratio respectful scaling and it is surprising that you haven't added this.  Super nice would be multi-page preview 4 up, etc.
Posted on: 18 Mar 2011 08:15
Believe me, without single page mode, the Radbook is not a book, it's just a preview.
Posted on: 08 Dec 2010 10:34
I'm actually surprised this isn't functionality that isn't already included.  Seems like a no-brainer.
Matthias Heinrich
Posted on: 30 Jul 2010 05:40
Also for WPF?