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Telerik Admin
Created on: 14 Mar 2012 18:39
Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request
ImageEditor: Introduce panning functionality
If you have a large image inside RadImageEditor or have zoomed a relatively big image, it would be great to have the ability to set panning on, so that the user can move around more easily.

Available in R1 2017 Release
Posted on: 17 Sep 2014 12:10
Same here, this would be a huge plus. We use this for viewing invoices and they are often relatively large and the user experience with the scrollbars is quite bad especially when using the windows8 theme because the bars are by default neat but really small.
Josef Rogovsky
Posted on: 28 Aug 2013 06:30
I've been working with the control a lot these last few weeks and it would make it so much more useful if the user could pan around large images.

All the other image manipulation capabilities are interesting and look great in a product demo but the lack o