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Created on: 22 Feb 2012 11:19
Category: RibbonView
Type: Bug Report
RibbonWindow: Standard window buttons are cut when DPI settings are high
We have a RadRibbonWindow.
When it is run on Windows XP (or on Windows 7, "Windows Classic" theme) and the DPI settings are high (above 170 %), the standard window buttons (Minimize, Restore and Close) are not displayed properly (they are cut). Also there is too much space between them.
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Posted on: 19 Sep 2018 22:47
I'm using Win10, and similar issue. 
As soon as the display scale of the main display is anything other than 100% the window icon is rendered at the wrong size.  Reading the template I understand it binds to Shell.SystemParameters2.Current.SmallIconSize.

Apparently those params are not DPI aware.
Further the IconConverter doesn't extract the (desired) size from a multi image icon. It reads a 16x16 then stretches it to whatever it thinks it ought to be.