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Release R2 2023 - Increment 2 (12.04.2023)
Created on: 10 Apr 2023 12:47
Category: Input
Type: Bug Report
The disabled Native Input is not really disabled

Describe the bug
When set to "disabled", the underlying input field does not get the "disabled" attribute, so it's still editable. You cannot click on it since the wrapping span has pointer-events: none, but if you set a label for this input, you still can edit a disabled field, which is kinda no-go in terms of security.

Good thing: Updates to the disabled field do not fire an update event, which might be good or bad, depending on whether we consider security or UX.

To Reproduce

  1. Open this CodeSandbox

Expected behavior
The input inside the Input component should have a disabled attribute.

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Posted on: 10 Apr 2023 13:01


The bug is fixed in version 3.9.3 of the Native Vue components.

Here is a runnable example demonstrating the expected disabled Input behavior. 

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