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Category: Kendo UI® for Vue
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@open and @close events are not triggered by integration testing tool, even when programmatically calling the event.

We are using cypress 11.1.0

cypress-real-events: 1.7.4 was also used to try of trigger the events but didn't work.

The way we tried this was:

cy.get(element).then(el => {
    el.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent(‘mouseenter’, { bubbles:true })
But the events are just not triggered, so we cannot properly test our implementation.
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I am using Keno Grid in my VueJS project. I need to show spinner while loading data into grid. I followed the link https://stackblitz.com/edit/zr8vbd-xk73ps?file=index.html . This display the spinner until data loaded into Vue. How ever when there is no data to display I would like to display No records found message.

My Grid looks like this.  

<Grid :data-items="pageViewModels"
<div class="k-loading-mask margin-top-100">
<span class='k-loading-text'>
<div class='k-loading-image'/>
<div class='k-loading-color'/>