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Currently, the binding respects the masked value
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We really want to use Material design, but the biggest reason would be for the floating labels, which can provide much cleaner-looking and compact forms.  Unless I am mistaken, it seems that Kendo Q1 2019 for Vue still does not have support for that, like your Angular suite does.  Please add the TextBoxContainerComponent to Kendo for Vue.  Thanks!
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Any chance you could post sample code of layouts like the Veautify team did?

The dashboard sample ( hasn't been updated in a while and it doesn't work in IE11


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When using a grid with a selectable column and keyboard navigation enabled, it's not possible to select the last visible row. Instead of selecting the row, the grid just scrolls the item to the center of the grid.

I've attached a gif of the behavior and a sample project based on the grid demos.

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Stackblitz example.

The Spreadsheet options are logged in the console in the mounted function. Note that pdf.proxyURL and excel.proxyURL have no values.