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Currently you can either set the position of a window by specifying the top or left positions on the screen.  However once these are specified, the window is no longer draggable, or is only draggable in a specific direction, for example, set the :top="100" attribute on a window and the window is now locked to that height (100px) and can only be dragged left or right, instead of vertically and horizontally.

Please allow a window to be set to any position on the screen programatically at any time, and then allow it to be draggable if the draggable property is set to true.  A use case would be where a window is opened up next to another element on the screen, the user moves the window to get access to any underlying content and then closes the window.  It would be ideal to be able to programmatically specify where to open the window when the same method is called again.


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@open and @close events are not triggered by integration testing tool, even when programmatically calling the event.

We are using cypress 11.1.0

cypress-real-events: 1.7.4 was also used to try of trigger the events but didn't work.


The way we try this was by:

cy.get(element).then(el => {
    el.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent(‘mouseenter’, { bubbles:true })
But the events are just not triggered, so we cannot properly test our implementation.
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I want to use filterGroupByField to indicate that a column that has a GridColumnMenuCheckboxFilter.  Naturally, there can be more than 2 items selected.  If more than 2 items are selected, the filterGroupByField returns null.

See this example (select more than 2 product id's):




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We need the Gird Filter in ASP.NET Core functionality for Vue