Last Updated: 25 Jan 2023 06:37 by ADMIN
Scheduled for R2 2023 - Increment 1 (01.03.2023)

Describe the bug
With the current Upload implementation, the component doesn't provide an option to filter the files that are selected for upload if the auto-upload property is set to true.

Currently, the files can be filtered only if the auto-upload is set to false as in this StackBlitz example.

To Reproduce

  1. Open this StackBlitz example with auto-upload property set to true
  2. Select multiple files + one that has the letter "g" in its name

Expected behavior
The file with the letter "g" should not be uploaded

  • As a possible solution for the issue, we can provide an event that is triggered before the file upload and when the event is triggered, the files will be filtered.