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Describe the bug
The DateRangePicker doesn't display a correct time when the format prop is defined and the value of the component is set dynamically.

The bug is reproducing when the minutes in the copied value are a number bigger than 51.

To Reproduce

  1. Open this project
  2. Open the DateTimePicker popup and select random date + Time 01: 58
  3. Focus on the DateTimePicker and press Ctrl + A
  4. Copy the value of the first DateTimePicker
  5. Focus on the second DateTimePicker and paste the copied value

Expected behavior
The value of the second DateTimePicker should be the same as the value of the first one.

Current behavior:
The minutes value in the second DateTimePicker is incorrect - it is 1:08 instead of 1:58


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Describe the bug
The steps property is not used/read when set on the DateTimePicker component, even though it says it can on the docs.

To Reproduce

  1. Open this StackBlitz link
  2. Open the popup of the TimePicker. The steps are applied.
  3. Open the popup of the DateTimePicker and select a random date
  4. The TimePicker inside the DateTimePicker doesn't apply the definition of the steps property.

Expected behavior
The steps of the TimePicker, inside the DateTimePicker should be the same as those in the TimePicker component.