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Created on: 29 Sep 2020 06:51
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Hi Team,

Hi Team,

I'm using the export excel feature in the grid. When I'm trying to download data less record( < 3k) it's working fine, but this becomes problematic when I'm trying to download huge data (more than 10k) my browser hangs and after some time browser crash. Do let me know any solution regarding this issue.

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Posted on: 06 Oct 2020 05:44


Yes, indeed there is such limitation with the export to excel on the client because file contents constructed entirely in client-side and it depends in each browser ability to store formatted strings (e.g. JSON) that processed by every browser. Every browser has its own limitations and I'm afraid that in most cases we don't have control over them.
That said, exporting large amounts of data during export will generate strings that might be too long for the given browser.
In this case, I we can recommend to use server export - one possible approach is explained in this forum thread for example - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49922780/initiates-the-excel-export-large-number-of-rows-using-kendogrid. Currently we don't have such resource specially made for Kendo UI for Vue but we will do our best to add in the near future.

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