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Scheduled for 2024 Q2 (May)
Created on: 01 Aug 2023 12:07
Category: Scheduler
Type: Bug Report
[Scheduler] Inconsistent events displaying in different timezones with a yearly recurrence

Describe the bug
The displaying of consecutive events in different timezones is inconsistent when we have a yearly recurrence.

To Reproduce

  1. Open this StackBlitz example
  2. Set your timezone to Mexico City
  3. Refresh the page and go the Sun, 6/18 - Sat, 6/24 week view
  4. See the Program 7 and Program 8 events in the Sat, 6/24 column
  5. Set your timezone to Mainland China
  6. Refresh the page and go the Sun, 6/18 - Sat, 6/24 week view
  7. See only the Program 7 event in the Sat, 6/24 column. The Program 8 event is visible in the Sun, 6/25 column

The above is not replicable if the following configuration is removed:

recurrenceRule: 'FREQ=YEARLY',

Expected behavior
The consecutive events in the Scheduler component should be displayed consecutively in all timezones and no matter the recurrence rule defined for each of the events.

Mexico timezone:
China Mainland