Last Updated: 31 May 2023 03:23 by Giuseppe
Created on: 31 May 2023 03:23
Category: Slider
Type: Feature Request
Snap the selected Slider value to its labels

The current implementation of the Native Slider component allows you to select a value that is between the labels defined for the component(see the following screenshot). 

If, in the above scenario, we have Slider labels like 0, 1, 2, 3......etc, the user can select a value of 1.5, for example.

Providing an option that prevents the selection of a value that is between the values of the Slider labels will be a very nice property for the component. 

Currently, the described scenario can be implemented using the Slider in controlled mode as demonstrated in this StackBlitz example, but having the functionality out of the box will be more valuable for all users.