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Created on: 07 Apr 2023 12:22
Category: DropDownList
Type: Bug Report
DropDownlistPageChangeEvent sometimes returns NaN for skip value

When using both filtering and virtualized dropdownlist, it can sometimes occur that the list will show no items after a series of repro steps:

Stackblitz (modified with only a console.log in the handlePageChange function) from Vue Dropdowns Library & DropDownList Component - Virtualization - Kendo UI for Vue Docs & Demos (telerik.com)

Qsz3dh (forked) - StackBlitz

  1. open dropdown
  2. type 33333 into the filter
  3. see no data found
  4. quickly remove the last 2 3's, so now you're only filtering on 333
  5. quickly scroll down, then quickly scroll up
  6. see no data found and see that skip is NaN in the console
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Posted on: 10 Apr 2023 10:12

Hello, Vincent.

Thank you for the detailed description of the experienced issue with the DropDownList. The current thread has been converted to a bug report.

I cannot say exactly when the bug will be fixed. What I can recommend is to follow the current bug report and once there is an update on its status, you will receive a notification about this change. 

I've updated your Telerik points as a sign of gratitude for reporting the current issue.

Please let me know if you have additional questions related to the current ticket.

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