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Release R2 2023 - Increment 1 (01.03.2023)
Created on: 29 Nov 2022 09:36
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
Blank space at the bottom of the Grid when configured with :groupable="{ footer: 'visible' }"

Describe the bug
There is a blank space at the bottom of the Grid when the user scrolls the data. This blank space appears on a specific configuration where the Native Grid is configured with virtual scrolling and the groupable property is set as follows:

:groupable="{ footer: 'visible' }"
  • The issue is replicable in both Vue 2 and Vue 3
  • The issue is not replicable if the groupable prop is defined like this:

To Reproduce

  1. Open this StackBlitz example
  2. Scroll the data items to the bottom of the Grid

Expected behavior
There shouldn't be any white/blank spaces at the bottom of the Grid