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Created on: 04 Aug 2022 14:47
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Add minWidth column property in the Native Grid

With the current implementation of the Native Grid, if one needs to set a minimum width to a column that needs to add the implementation suggested in this Setting a Minimum Column Width example.

While the approach in the above example works as expected, the logic that needs to be added can be internal for the Grid component. Thus the users will have to add a simple column property like the below and no other configuration should be set.

    field: "ProductName",
    title: "Name",
    minWidth: 200

Posted on: 06 Dec 2022 13:06

Hi, Santhosh.

The approach that can be currently applied for setting the "minWidth" inside a Grid's column is demonstrated in the link from Jef's post. With the approach from the demo, once a given column has a minWidth definition, if you resize the browser window in which the Grid is loaded to a smaller size, the columns will be resized to the minWidth value.

To make the above statement clear, if we have 4 columns with minWidths of 200 pixels each, if the Grid width is above 800(4 X 200), the width of each column will be automatically sized and it will be bigger than 200 pixels. If the width of the Grid is set to a number smaller than 800 pixels, the widths of each column will be set to 200px and the Grid will become scrollable in a horizontal direction. 

Please check the example from the above link and submit a support ticket if you have questions about the suggested implementation.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Posted on: 30 Nov 2022 05:13

Hi Jef,


I have used minWidth property on column array, but it doesn't work for me. I am attaching screenshot showing min width set in column array and table view. Please help me with some example.


Grid View: