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Chen Yap
Created on: 22 Dec 2021 12:32
Category: Toolbar
Type: Feature Request
Add 'overflow' configuration to the Vue Native Toolbar

Currently, the Native Toolbar doesn't support the 'overflow' configuration that is available in its wrapper equivalent. 

Please add the 'overflow' property of the Native ToolBar component like it is available in the Wrapper ToolBar and the Kendo UI for Angular ToolBar.


Posted on: 31 Jan 2022 09:08

Hi Jake,

Thank you for sharing details about the use-case scenario of the overflow functionality of the Toolbar. We are aware of the limitation described in your reply. I can 100% agree with you that on small screens, the overflow is the best solution we can have for the toolbar. 

The implementation of the current feature request depends on the community interest in it and our internal priority queue. The more votes the current Feature request collect, the higher its priority will become. Currently, I cannot say exactly when the overflow will be available for the Toolbar, but we already raised its internal priority. 

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Posted on: 28 Jan 2022 13:59
Especially on smaller screens if you have a lot of tools enabled the toolbar starts to look really ugly and basically unusable. This feature should be enabled if only for parity with the other editor options available through Telerik.