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Created on: 21 Jul 2021 09:13
Category: Kendo UI® for Vue
Type: Feature Request
Scheduler prevent default action for 'remove' event


Please consider adding a better, native, way to handle the case as described in my post here.

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Posted on: 21 Jul 2021 13:15

Hi Al,

Thank you for the feature request. It is a valid one and I will change its status to "Unplanned". This status means that the request is valid. Based on the community interest in this request, we will consider the implementation of an option that will allow you to configure a custom "Remove" popup inside the Scheduler. 

Just to add more details about the current request, the idea here is that if one wants to implement a custom popup when deleting an event, this can be done using the approach demonstrated in this example. This approach is more or less complicated. The current feature request is about an easier way to achieve the functionality demonstrated in the previous link. 

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